Becca Pierce

I’m working on a new book, tentatively titled “Becca Pierce.” It’s science fiction, set in 2147 in the world not too long after my short story, “Mumans.”

The Earth has been hit by Chicx II (after Chicxulub, the meteor that wiped out dinosaurs 66 million years ago.) and is recovering with the use of Mumans, manufactured humans.

Becca Pierce is an undercover cop trying to stop a fanatic who hates Mumans and the Littleton Corportation who created them. Unfortunately, things go sideways. She’s been raped and then almost gunned down by something completely unrelated to her original mission.

The book is about half finished at 56K. Hope to finish it, at least a draft, in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out for it.

Meanwhile, here’s the tentative cover.


Finished 2 Books!

Just finished the final drafts of two books: Ariel Taylor: Time Bender and A Song for Nikki.

Ariel Taylor can slow time almost to a complete stop. For instance, she can move between rain drops, enjoy snow in a way normal people can’t fathom. She’s also pregnant with twins who may or may not also have the same ability. The Government wants her, whether she likes it or not. Will she escape and what will she have to do to get away from them? And what other ability does she have? Will her twins have? And the men she meets. What do they have to offer her?

Nikki Sanchez, if that’s her real name, is a young woman who wanders into a bar in Mexico and meets Tom Sawyer, the ex-rock and roll legend. He dropped out of the whole scene after a bad accident some years back and opened his quiet, unassuming bar in a coastal town in Mexico. Before he’s given it much thought, he’s embroiled in a nationwide hunt for answers, dodging killers and discovering love he never thought possible. Along the way he also finds a daughter he never knew he had.

Both books will be available soon on Kindle.

Now in print! The Scepter of the Nile and The Scepter of the Nile, The Tomb

The Scepter of the Nile and the sequel The Scepter of the Nile, The Ankh  are available now


 IN PRINT on Scepter-of-the-Nile---cover----for-webscepter-2-cover---final---web

The Scepter of the Nile:

The Scepter of the Nile, The Ankh:

These books are still available on Kindle as well.

I’m working on the third book, The Tomb and hope to have it available on both sites by June. Stay tuned for updates!

The Second Scepter of the Nile book, The Ankh, Is Now Available!

At last! The second book in my Scepter of the Nile series is finished.

The Ankh


The Ankh is now available on Kindle at

A silver box sits on the table in front of Tomyris Currington. Opening it, she finds it empty which is not possible. When it was sealed, two thousand years ago, an Ankh was inside. It is a beautiful, priceless, jewel encrusted golden Ankh. She is the only person who could open it. Since the box sits there silent and empty, it is obvious someone other than her removed it. But who? What has happened to the Ankh? The better question is, who has the Ankh.

The Goddess Sekhmet returns as what she really is: The Goddess of War and Destruction, and she is not happy. She has issued a terrible threat. The Ankh must be returned to her. If not, people will die…horribly. How will this affect the tough decisions that have to be made? Why are Tomyris Currington and Sophia Al-Haran no longer together?

The adventure begins in North Texas, moves to Wales, then to London and Paris, Milan and finally, Tel Aviv. But the answers are found back in North Texas.

Lives will be lost, relationships will be torn apart and one will stand in judgment.

Will the Ankh be found before Sekhmet acts on her threats? Will lovers be reunited? And who stands in judgment. The answers are in The Scepter of the Nile: The Ankh.

The series continues with the same characters as in the first book, The Scepter of the Nile, with the addition of several others.

I’m presently working on the third book in the series titled, The Flail. I hope to have it out by the first of the year.

Enjoy and remember: reviews are always welcome.