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Where are all the dragons, those creatures of myth and magic? Did they actually exist or were they just made up creatures to frighten children?

If they existed, could they still be with us but hidden in plain sight? It’s guaranteed that the idea of dragons, past or present, real or imaginary, never crossed Träd Jackson’s mind when he was stunned by the sight of Hannah Hrokrsen entering the park where he was painting the scene. The tall, leggy, beautiful young woman had come to eat her lunch and was oblivious of him.

The existence of dragons also didn’t cross his mind as two men snatched the girl while she sat and ate. Who were these men and why did they just try and kidnap an innocent young woman? All he thought of was saving her as he ran after her and her kidnappers.

Men painting didn’t enter Hannah’s mind when she passed the big, handsome man on her lunch break. She had other things on her mind like…her father and how angry he was going to be when she’d escaped his control. For the first time in her short nineteen years, she would be free.

She, like the painter, had no idea why she was being dragged off her bench by two men and into the woods behind.

Who were these men? And those dragons? What did they have to do with anything ? Charging into the dense woods after the girl and the two men, Träd Jackson had no idea the world he was entering.

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