Done! The Scepter of the Nile, The Ankh and Cover Reveal!

Here’s the cover for my new Scepter of the Nile book, The Ankh. It’s another amazing cover by Aidana WillowRaven. Find her at:

Th book will be available in a few days from Kindle. Look for it.


The Ankh takes place just a few weeks after the conclusion of The Scepter of the Nile.

A silver box sits on the table in front of Tomyris Currington. Opening it, she finds it empty which is not possible. When it was sealed, two thousand years ago, an Ankh was inside. She is the only person who could open it. Since it sat there empty, it was obvious someone other than her removed it. But who? What happened to the Ankh?

The Goddess Sekhmet issues a terrible threat. The Ankh must be returned to her. If not, people will die…horribly. How will this affect the tough decisions that have to be made? Why are Tomyris Currington and Sophia Al-Haran no longer together?

The adventure begins in North Texas, moves to Wales, then to London and Paris, Milan and finally, Tel Aviv, before the answers are found back in North Texas. Lives will be lost, relationships will be pulled apart and one will stand in judgment.

Will the Ankh be found before Sekhmet acts on her threats? The answers are in The Scepter of the Nile, TheAnkh.


The Scepter of the Nile is available on Kindle: